Grand Prairie Title Finance

When taking out a loan it’s important that you get a loan payment that fits within your budget and comes with flexible repayment options. Basically, you might want a loan that allows you to pay overtime rather than the next paycheck. You probably also want a great interest rate to keep more money in your pocket. Traditional bank loans are often too rigid and come with so many restrictions. They also require you to pass a credit check, which isn’t always possible. Fortunately, if you are looking for a short-term loan that can be custom tailored to your needs, Grand Prairie Title Finance has you covered. We work with folks in your community from all different backgrounds, incomes and needs. Customizing your loan repayment package is what we do best. You’ll be happy; we’ll be happy and may even get a little repeat business. There is no need to race over to one of our loan offices to apply. All you have to do is fill out a short online application when you have a couple of minutes. Undoubtedly, you will also be pleased to learn that loans are secured with car titles and never require credit checks.


Are You Ready to Apply for our loan?

The right solution for your current money problems is a solution that puts a considerable amount of extra money in your hands right away. You cannot reasonably wait around for a personal bank loan to be approved because this process may take a week or longer. Our auto title loans Racine can be approved and funded within a couple of days from the time when you apply. The application is posted on our website for you to complete when time permits. Those who need to get their hands on more money right away should apply today.

Our application is brief and to the point, and it covers information that is most pertinent to our lending requirements. Our requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old, and you must have a reasonable way to afford to make the loan repayment. In addition, you must be able to pledge a vehicle that you own personally as collateral. You also may need to provide a copy of the clear title to us. Keep in mind that our loan amount is directly linked to the available equity in your vehicle. If you own multiple cars free and clear and if you need a larger loan amount, it makes sense to pledge the more expensive vehicle as collateral.

Because our application only has questions related to these important factors, you may reasonably spend only a few minutes filling out all of the fields. An alternative to the online loan application is applying in person with our lending team. The online application is available around-the-clock, and the in-person option is available during business hours.

About the Loan Features,Benefits & Perks

• Loans terms allow for a quick 30 day repayment period or payments over several months.

• Loan payouts are paid within one business day of receiving applications.

• As the borrower, you are free to choose how the money will be spent.

• Borrowers don’t have to be concerned about credit information because it won’t be used to process the loan.

• Our local loan store in Grand Prairie, TX makes it easy to conduct your loan business at your convenience.

• Customers receive contracts spelling out all the loan terms and what they are responsible for paying.


How Our Title Loan Process Works?


If you need a loan and you like what you see on our website, take a moment to submit your free application for quick cash.

Loan Interviews

Just as soon as we approve your application, we will be contacting you by phone to discuss title loans in Grand Prairie, TX. Most phone interviews are relatively short. It helps if you have your average monthly income available for qualifying. Our goal is to get you approved quickly and help you to select a feasible repayment plan for your budget.

We will talk to you about whether you want to repay the loan in 30 days or if you prefer a longer loan term. Fortunately, Texas has auto title loan regulations in place that provide nice advantages to consumers taking out Grand Prairie title loans.

Interest rates in Texas are capped at just 10 percent. You may also take as long as 180 days to repay the loan, which helps to keep payments manageable.

Once you are approved and we wrap up the loan interview, you’ll continue on to the loan closing.

Closing the Loan

Loan closings are held at local loan stores. You will need to bring along your paper car title to meet the collateral requirements for the loan. Don’t worry, titles are always returned to customers after receiving the final loan payment. Grand Prairie Title Finance will prepare a written contract to confirm the legal aspects of the loan. These agreements are written to follow all state and federal vehicle title loan regulations. State regulations require us to list the terms of the loan, so you know what you are paying for upfront. Agreements typically include:

• Applicable loan fees if there are any.

• The amount of money you are borrowing.

• Monthly payment amounts.

• The rate of interest on the loan.

• The amount of money you will pay for interest.

• A convenient repayment schedule for making payments.

• A short explanation about what could happen if a borrower should fail to make their loan payments.

We encourage you to read through the contract to verify the terms of the loan match those discussed during your phone interview. After signing your agreement, we’ll pay out your loan funds and you’re done.

If you are looking for customizable loan packages and quick service, consider Grand Prairie, TX car title loans today.